Quick Screening for Memory Loss

About the QSML:

The QSML is an online abbreviated version of the Oas Visual Immediate Memory Test (VIMT). The VIMT (desk version) was developed as a research instrument that was used in Dr. Oas’ Master’s and Doctoral Degree program at Washington State University. Research with the VIMT continued while Dr. Oas taught at Southern Oregon University.


Dr. Oas has used the VIMT with over 1,000 subjects from diverse populations. Subjects and patients included elementary school, middle school, high school, college, adult and senior populations. Additional testing has included subjects and patients with developmental disabilities, head trauma, neurological (brain) impairments, and psychiatric disorders. In aging populations, the VIMT has identified memory loss, dementia and the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.


The QSML is an online, culture-fair, screening instrument, specifically created for detecting memory loss in diverse populations. More importantly, it is designed to assist in detecting early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Eight different versions of the QSML are available for repeated screenings over time.


The QSML, as a hybrid of the VIMT, has strong face validity but awaits sufficient future research for scientific validation on different populations. Your participation supports data collection for this ongoing research.




  a. Ages 5-15, screen every two years. Watch your children’s memory for unfamiliar visual information improve.
  b. Ages 16-50, screen every ten years unless you have a family history of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease.
  c. Age 51 and thereafter, screen every two years.
  d. The QSML is not a diagnostic instrument. People with head injuries, vascular accidents, and mental health and other pathological conditions may require different frequencies of screening.
  e. If you’ve made a personal appraisal of memory loss that concerns you, you should seek a physician’s recommendations for further evaluation.

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