Quick Screening for Memory Loss


Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, especially in their earliest stages, are difficult to distinguish from mild memory impairment that typically comes with aging. This Quick Screening for Memory Loss (QSML) will compare your score and ranking with suggested norms for your age group as well as suggested rankings from other age groups. You will be able to identify your own memory baseline and monitor changes from year to year. 


David A. Oas, PhD would like to see primary care physicians include an Alzheimer screening using the QSML in their annual physical exams of seniors. However, early onset Alzheimer's disease, as well as normal memory decline, may begin as early as fifty years of age. Those of you who fear your capacity for new learning is failing may be too embarrassed to tell others.  The QSML, along with other warning signs (see below), will help you share concerns with your family and friends so that all can participate in decision making about your healthcare needs. 



This screening is given as is and no guarantees are made with respect to accuracy, completeness, error, or omissions of content.  Future research is necessary to advance scientific knowledge.  In no event will Academic and Medical Resources, LLC be liable for any decision made or action taken in response to the score or the ranking indicated by this screening device.  This profile in no way substitutes for medical information or advice derived from your physician or based on more comprehensive laboratory tests, physical exams, and neuropsychological exams, which are augmented by your physician(s) knowledge, professional judgment and experience.  While the QSML may continue to evolve, as a result of data collected through the administration of the screenings online as well as in physician's offices, Academic and Medical Resources, LLC is under no obligation to provide you with updates, enhancements or other modifications to this screening device.  No permission is given to modify or otherwise create or distribute copies of the QSML without prior authorization.  The optional responses and warning signs may or may not be used for further research. 


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